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Making your first dance memorable is what Dance House International are all about, teaching couples dance moves to wow their guests.


Tell us a little bit about yourself…

Dance House International owner-operators, Paul Zaidman and Anna Selleck, bring Latin American, street Latin and ballroom to the public of Melbourne, at all levels whether beginner or advanced. 

With a combined teaching experience of over 25 years, they specilaise in taking beginners who’ve never danced before, onto the floor and having students experience the sheer joy dance can bring.


Paul & Anna have worked with many wedding couples, in creating amazing routines for the bridal couple alone or more interactive routines for the whole bridal party.  Styles include traditional waltz right through to a fun Salsa or even a themed party.



How do your product/s fit into the wedding day?

The wedding dance has now often become a huge focal point and highlight to every wedding day.  Couples often like to involve bridal party members and sometimes have lots of party participation.  Whether you have either in mind, we work with you and your chosen music/song, to create the most memorable dance possible. 

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never stepped onto a dance floor before or if you’re a seasoned dancer… we cater for all skills and have you stepping onto your dance floor with absolute confidence.


Do you work on your own or are there others who work with you?

Paul and Anna teach wedding couples/bridal parties out of their studio in Moorabbin and have multiple contacts within the wedding industry should anyone need pointing in the direction of cakes, flowers, photography etc.


DHI has two other teachers, Louisa and Olivia, who go out to other venues teaching wedding couples. 

Louisa and Olivia also attend hen’s or bucks nights, offering a fun and interactive alternative to a ‘usual’ party, in teaching any style of dance to the attendees, along with some fun dance games!


What made you choose this career?

Paul and Anna have been dancing together for ten years and are life partners now.  They both have extensive dance backgrounds, dancing from the tender age of 5 in ballet, jazz, tap, adding ballroom, Dancesport Latin and Street Latin to their repertoires. 

Combined, their experience spans over 25 plus years.

They aren’t just in a ‘job’…. It’s their life’s passion and dedication to the dance industry.


What do you love most about what you do?

Seeing our students not only thrive on the dancefloor but seeing their self-development in all things social and emotional. Often, students come through our doors who, whilst interested in learning to dance, really want contact with others, in a way that engages their mind, body and spirit.   When we see this developing, there is something so magical that happens


What’s the most difficult thing about what you do?

Ooooh that’s a tough question!  We don’t really believe that anything is too difficult, it’s just a matter of finding the ‘right’ way to get our teaching across to people and into their body.  We spend hours focussing on our students and what they need in order to dance.

Behind the scenes, it’s the work that goes into our own continued self-development to ensure we keep our teaching current and relevant. 

We work countless hours that no one sees, to maintain our classes, programmes and individual lessons, to ensure we are delivering exactly what our students need.


Talk us through your process of working with a couple for their wedding…

Initially, we’ll have an email or phone chat, then meet face to face, to discuss what type of wedding they’re having and if they’ve any ideas they’d like to incorporate into their wedding dance.  Some couples already have a chosen song and an idea from YouTube or similar, what they’d like to do, others have a theme (we did a really fun Bollywood number once!), others have no idea at all.  So, it’s about sitting down with the couple and figuring out how we best provide exactly what they envisage their wedding dance to be and help them bring their vision to life.


What do you think makes you and your business unique?

We take time to understand our clients and students, everyone is unique and everyone has a reason for wanting to dance, be it for a wedding or just in general.  When we have a wedding couple approach us, we like to build a relationship with them quickly and understand our role in helping create their magical wedding day even more special.  We don’t think of people as just numbers through our door, we invest in each individual that comes to us, no matter what the reason.  There are plenty of dance schools out there, however, we don’t concern ourselves with volume, we prefer quality over quantity! 

We get immense satisfaction and take great pride, knowing we are making even the smallest contribution to our clients and student’s lives.




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