July 1, 2019


We tried the Clear + Brilliant treatment and discovered all of the amazing benefits. we think it's the perfect treatment for glowing wedding skin.


Hi, Micaela the Luna + Honey editor here, I was invited to try the treatment at the newly renovated Artisan Aesthetic Clinic in Balmain, Sydney. Before I get into the actual treatment I want to rave for a moment about how incredible the clinic is, It's truly one of the most beautiful chic clinics I have ever seen. All of the team that I met were lovely, beyond helpful and extremely knowledgeable.








Before having the treatment I was informed that the lovely Anna Heinrich had the treatment in the lead up to her wedding day, so I was already excited to give it a go.


Clear + Brilliant is a skin laser treatment designed to improve skin texture, tone and help shrink and clear pores. It was created by the same company behind Fraxel, I was told by my therapist Michelle that in terms of intensity Clear + Brilliant isn't as heavy duty as Fraxel and therefore is suited to more people and skin types and is the ideal introduction into laser skincare.



So I am the first to admit that I have a very low threshold for pain, so I was nervous about this aspect of the treatment. Michelle my therapist was incredible at explaining absolutely everything that was happening and what I should expect, and one of the first things I was told that before the treatment a numbing gel is applied to the face to minimise any pain. This is also the part of the process that actually takes the longest, the treatment itself is very fast, in total it all takes only about 30 minutes.

When the procedure began Michelle explained that it feels a bit like being flicked with an elastic band, and she wasn't wrong, not painful at all thanks to the numbing gel more just an annoying feeling that didn't last very long at all.


I was told that my face would feel sun burnt for a few days, but it's important to note the laser doesn't actually burn anything at all, it works by making your skin think that it's burnt and therefore creating a healing response. This is exactly what I experienced redness and feeling sun burnt, this only lasted two days, the next step in the process is that the top layer of dead skin starts to flake off - I had to be reminded don't pick of pull at the flaking skin, and let it come off naturally. Your skin will feel rough for about a week while this happens but once it's done what you're left with is beautiful clear, smooth, glowing skin. I was shocked at how much better my skin looked, it helped my pigmentation and my skin tone was even and bright. It's a treatment I can say with certainty I will get again in the future.


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