June 20, 2019


If you love fun (who doesn't) and want to make your honeymoon truly unforgettable, then Universal Studios Hollywood is a must do.


Not just for families Universal Studios Hollywood offers so much for couples, and it's the perfect place to make truly fun memories. Laugh the day away with your love as you experience all that Universal Studios Hollywood has to offer.


The Luna + Honey team recently spent the day at Universal Studios Hollywood and to say we had a blast is putting it mildly, here are our top tips for making the most of your day at the park.



1. Get there early.

If you can only do one day then it's best to get there at opening time, to make the most of your day and to ensure you don't miss anything.


2. Get the app.

The Universal Studios Hollywood app will make your day a breeze. At a glance it gives you the park map, ride wait times, show times and all amenities.


3. Plan your day around the shows.

The shows are fantastic and really make Universal Studios special, so you would be a fool to miss them. Our tip is to look at the show times and locations and work everything else around the show times. As previously mentioned use the app to best utilise your time and figure out which rides you'll be able to do between the shows.



Advice for honeymooners

If you really hate waiting in lines one of the best things you can do is upgrade your ticket to a Front Of Line pass, and as the name suggests it means you don't have to wait. It also gives you priority seating at the shows and we think it's worth every cent especially if you are only doing a single day. If you really want to go luxe there are also VIP passes available, where you will be treated like a star and get an exclusive tour and behind the scenes look at the studio.


Go to Moe's Tavern and have a drink, yes that's right alcohol is served here and you can drink like Homer Simpson; a Duff Beer or Flaming Moe anyone? Have a go on the Love Tester too for a good laugh and photo op!


Pick your Hogwarts house (or let the sorting hat do it for you) and buy a wand! Unleash your inner witch or wizard while at Hogsmeade, there a special wands that have actual powers when used on the store fronts, we had a blast doing this and they are such a great keepsake of your time at Universal Studios.


After your day at the park head outside to Universal City Walk and enjoy all it has to offering including really great food and drink.





Our editor's favourite things to do at Universal Studios

Hogsmeade is breathtaking and where I spent the most time, the food in this area is really good but my favourite thing is the Butter Beer, don't miss trying it.



My favourite ride is Revenge of the Mummy, it's an indoor coaster style ride and is a real thrill.



The show I loved most was Animal Extra's, it's so cute and amazing at how all the different animals are trained for TV and film.


Don't miss the studio tour, this is quintessential Universal Studios and it's better and more exciting than ever with the inclusion of technology.




Universal City Walk is the best for after the park and I loved The Hard Rock followed by a sweet treat at Cinnabon.



Host your event at Universal Studios Hollywood

You can even have your wedding, engagement party or other special event at the studios. There are number of super cool locations for your event including inside a studio.





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