July 8, 2019

Personal stylist, colour consultant, fashion blogger, mummy mentor and founder of Inner Style Queen, Sally Cummins knows what she is talking about when brides reach out to her for advice on choosing their gown and colour palette for their wedding day. Here Sally is sharing her wisdom for all couples planning their wedding.



When you’re planning a wedding, there are few things more important than choosing the perfect dress - the dress that has you feeling more incredible than you have ever felt in your whole life - the dress that can reduce a room full of women to tears at the very sight of you - the dress that will have you shamelessly jumping up and down and clapping your hands in front of the mirror with total delight. Not only does the style of the dress have to look wonderful on you, the colour of the dress is just as critical when making this important decision. Here’s why…


When we envision a wedding dress, we usually think white, end of story,

but which white is right for you? When you step foot into a bridal shop, you will be overwhelmed by the variety of “whites”, which can quickly derail even the most determined and confident bride. You will be faced with bright white, soft white, ivory, oyster, yellow based whites, blue based whites and many more.


When choosing a wedding dress, or any dress for that matter, the most important thing to consider is whether you have warm or cool tones to your skin. Knowing this information will help you determine the right white for your natural colouring and will help you to make the perfect decision with total confidence.


How to Determine Whether You Are Warm or Cool.


The best and most fail safe way to discover if you are warm or cool and to gain loads of information about your natural colouring is to seek the advice of a professional image consultant.  However, if this is not possible, there are two quick ways of determining this information for yourself.  The first is to consider whether you look better in gold or silver and secondly, in peach or pink.

Hold these colours up near your face and compare the two.  The right colour will bring out those lovely natural colours in your cheeks and lips and the wrong colour will drain the colour away from you.  Those of you who shine and look wonderful in gold and peach are more likely to be warm and those of you who wear silver and pink particularly well are more likely to be cool.


For brides with warm undertones: You will look stunningly gorgeous in a creamy oyster white, an “off” white or an ivory white, with soft yellow undertones.

For brides with cool undertones: You will look absolutely radiant in the brightest of whites or a soft white with blue based undertones.


The Benefits Of Getting it Right:


Choosing the right colour for your skin tone carries huge benefits. You will look fresh faced and radiant on your big day. Your skin will appear clearer, your eyes will sparkle brighter and your teeth will appear whiter.

Wearing your most flattering shade of white can also help you to look years younger by bringing out the natural colours present in your skin. Everyone wants to look incredible on their big day so let’s start by choosing the colours that will see you look your most fabulous, without even trying.


Choosing a colour that doesn’t work for you:


Unfortunately as we age, our skin loses pigment and can start to seem dull and sullen. We lose that natural flush in our cheeks and our skin can start to appear greyer. Choosing a white that is wrong for you will wash you out and have you looking tired and pale. Dark, under eye circles & blemishes become more pronounced and your overall look can appear quite matte and flat.



Dressing your Bridesmaids


We’ve all been in that awful scenario where we’ve been forced to wear a hideous colour because it’s the bride’s favourite and well, because she says so. When planning your wedding, why not consider the colouring of your bridesmaids from the very beginning in order to have them looking and feeling their absolute best. A great choice of colour will earn you respect among your guests and your bridal party will look happy and wonderfully fresh faced in your photos.


The first thing to consider is your bridesmaid’s hair and eye colour.

Do they have similar colouring? Are they all completely different?

Do you have four dark haired beauties with dark eyes?

Do you have one blonde, one redhead and one brunette?

Don’t panic just yet.


How to Implement a Colour Scheme that will Work For Everyone?


The first thing is to consider using different shades of the one colour.

Let’s say for example you love purple. Instead of dressing all your bridesmaids in one shade of purple, you would have different shades of purple; a soft lavender, a dusty mauve and a deep plum. This approach will add depth and character to your wedding and your bridesmaids will thank you for recognising their individuality.


Alternatively, you could choose a colour theme you love using different colours that work well together. Pastels for example, mint, lemon, lavender, fairy floss pink and a light aqua blue. Share the colours out to those ladies who look best in each,  or if it’s more your style, a collage of earthy colours such as a deep forest green, burnt orange, burgundy and mustard gold.


If you do prefer one colour, there are some universal colours that look good on most people and are considered “safer” options. Taupe, mid-grey, pewter, teal, purple & emerald turquoise work for most women across all the different seasonal groups. 


Tips for dressing your Groomsmen:


It may seem obvious, but it’s very important that the colour of your groomsmen’s suits compliment that of your bridesmaids. After all, they will be standing next to each other in all of your photos and for most of the day.

Navy is a good, safe choice as it typically looks good on most men and will work with most colour schemes.  Grey or charcoal is another popular choice and will pair particularly well if your bridesmaids are in cooler colours. A deep chocolate brown suit will compliment a more earthy and warm colour palette.



Make Up Colours:

Your wedding day is not the day to try the latest “it” colour or trend. You want to look timeless, and most of all, like you - the very best version of you.

Seeking the help of a professional make-up artist is a great way to pamper yourself and ensure you look flawless all day long.  Always book in for a trial prior to your wedding day so you can discuss the colours that will work for you and so there won’t be any guess work on the day.

If you’re warm, you will look lovely in brown based, nude lipsticks. To make more of a statement a bold, orange-based red or deep burgundy will be perfect on you.

For cool brides, you will be more suited to rose or mauve coloured neutrals.

If you’re more inclined to go for a red lip, look for a true, blue based red or deep plum colour with purple undertones.


Planning your dream wedding should be fun and a true reflection of you and your style.  Seek the advice of professionals who can help your vision come to life and exceed your expectations.



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