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Dianne Murphy is a Sydney based makeup artist and hair stylist specialising in pinup / vintage. Born and raised in musical theatre, Dianne had a passion for all things creative from a young age. Drawing together her passion for film and television production and pinup styling, makeup artistry was the perfect way to combine the two and move into her dream career. "Pinup to me has been such a powerful tool and a large part of my confidence - but the most rewarding thing for me are my clients. To witness my client see herself for the first time in full pinup hair and makeup shed tears of pure joy is both humbling and priceless. I love being able to share my passion for vintage with others and see their own confidence and personality shine!"

We spoke to Dianne to find out more about her business.





What made you choose this career?

It all started when I moved into a house full of women! My amazing female housemates were a little alternative and not overly vintage, however we would go out to a Rockabilly event each month and all get dressed up together. The event became a regular thing and I started to experiment more with my hair styling and trying to achieve that perfect winged liner.

After focusing on teaching myself how to do vintage hair styling and makeup I realised that I was sick of my job and wanted to pursue a new career, so I quit that corporate job to start a makeup course and the rest is history!


What do you love most about what you do?

The most rewarding thing for me are my clients. For my client to see herself for the first time in full pinup hair and makeup start to cry with pure joy is priceless! It makes all of the stress and sleepless nights that come along with a small business totally worth it.


What’s the most difficult thing about what you do?

Freelance work is always up and down, so some weeks I am super busy and others can be quiet. But that’s just part of freelancing life!


Talk us through your process of working with a couple for their wedding…

When I meet with a bride at her trial, I will look at her makeup likes and dislikes, her dress, flowers, colours, and hair to create a bridal look that is uniquely made for her, from very natural to bold glamour. I will create the perfect customised look for you that accentuates your best features using your skin tone, face shape, eye shape/colour.

We will do a complete makeup and hair run through to make sure everything is perfect for her special day and discuss details such as time and location.


What do you think makes you and your business unique?

Vintage / Pinup Styling is very different from modern hair styling techniques and not something that is taught in today’s hair/beauty schools, so being able to offer my skills, experience, and expertise in this field makes my business quite unique.


What are you most proud of that you have achieved with your business?

I am so proud to have beautiful regular clients and see them progress in life – one of my brides hired me for her Engagement party, then Kitchen Tea, Wedding and Birthday, and now she and her husband are expecting their first child! I feel like I am growing with my clients as they move through their own lives.


What advice do you have for couples when choosing a vendor in your field?

Make sure you schedule a trial – this is very important to determine your look, what works vs what doesn’t work. Also important to get a feel on your Artist and to make sure you are both on the same page. Trust your gut, if it doesn’t feel right, you may need to trial with another artist.


What one thing do you wish every couple knew before their wedding?

Allow lots of extra time so you are not stressed – your wedding is meant to be a celebration so have fun!


What goals are you hoping to achieve in the business in the next year?

I hope to get more exposure to Vintage inclined brides – Vintage is becoming more popular and I am excited to meet more like minded women and be a small part of their big day.


What’s your most memorable moment so far from a wedding you have worked on?

The last wedding I worked on the bride was a big Disney fan (like myself) so we spent the morning chatting about nerdy things and singing along to Disney songs! So much fun!




















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