April 25, 2019



Meshca jewellery was created by best-friends who merged their life long dream to work together and their passion for craftsmanship, gemstones, and design into an artisanal jewellery brand.

Each Meshca original has been carefully designed to reflect the company’s philosophy - creating one-of-a-kind pieces that speak to the contemporary woman.

The latest collection, the Luxe Monde range is a bespoke curation of dreamy statement jewellery created with meticulous craftsmanship and hand-picked semi-precious stones. Ranging from elegant layered necklaces to statement rings, cuffs, and bejewelled earrings – it’s the perfect accessory for the modern bride.

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Jewellery: Meshca Jewellery

Photographer (studio shots): Polanska Studio

Wedding photographer (lifestyle shots):  Studio Stop The Time             

Designer: Matrai Label                  

Makeup artist: Alicja Tyminska

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