April 18, 2019


Getting married outside Australia – are you legally married in Australia?


Just Married Weddings is a micro-wedding company specialising in small, simple weddings in beautiful locations Australia-wide. Experts in elopements and ‘legals only’ weddings, Just Married can assist with bare-essentials ceremonies for those having a wedding celebration overseas, or can provide a fun, romantic little ceremony for couples eloping in Australia. With only the best celebrants and stunning beach, park and city locations, and easy online preparation, JMW convenience and romance rolled into one.  

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The JMW team share their advice!


Tropical island? Tick. #instawothy styling? Tick. Officiant? Tick. Originality? Tick…..

…..Is there anything you are forgetting?

For many Australian couples planning a destination wedding outside of Australia, it can come as a rude shock that the legal aspects of actually getting married can be challenging to say the least.

There are countless hurdles to making sure the beautiful destination ceremony you’ve meticulously planned will in fact take you from #single to #justmarried once the rings are on your fingers, the I Dos said, and the honeymoon is over.  

Seriously, ask those you know who have gotten married overseas and when pressed, they might just tell you that they had to have another wedding in Australia to make it official (you might have to really quiz them, so many of the couples who we marry don’t tell a sole).

There are so many reasons for this, which will vary depending on your location, your nationality, your religion and your culture.

In some parts of Europe, your marriage will only be recognised by the local law if you are permanent residents and/ or of a particular religion.

In the UK and the USA, you may need to be in the city you plan to wed in several weeks or even months before the wedding date in order to satisfy the various legal requirements.

In parts of Asia, your ceremony won’t  actually include a legal component, or ensuring that  it does will require so much complicated and expensive paperwork that you’ll want to give up entirely.

The good news is that this doesn’t have to get in the way of your dream destination wedding.

The components of the wedding ceremony that you will hold dear and remember forever aren’t the legal components anyway. Your personal vows, the exchange of wedding rings, and the beautiful words spoken on your behalf by the officiant or your family and friends will always be what you remember as your wedding day.

However, if you want your marriage to be official you may need to do the legalities here in Australia  before (or after) you go.

Whilst the overseas ceremony will be recognised as a legal marriage for the purpose of Australian law IF ITS IS CONSIDERED LEGAL FOR THE PURPOSES OF THE LAW IN THE COUTNY IN WHICH YOU WERE MARRIED it may simply be impossible or too expensive to jump through all their legal hoops.

At Just Married Weddings we specialise in micro-weddings / elopements and “legals-only” weddings. We perform “legals only” ceremonies for couples Australia-wide, and we completely understand when a couple tells us they don’t want to think of this as their actual wedding day. Our expert celebrants can ensure we dot all the Is and cross all the Ts and sign all the forms required to make you legally husband & wife/ husband & husband / wife & wife. If you don’t want to though, you don’t need to make a big deal of it.

When required, we can keep our ceremonies super simple. Did you know that the legal components of an Australian ceremony are essentially 3 sentences spoken by the celebrant and 1 each for the brides and grooms? Everything else you’re used to seeing at an Aussie ceremony is purely tradition. You don’t have to dress up, exchange personal vows, or even say “I Do”. You can save all of that for your other ceremony overseas.

But if you don’t want to keep it that basic another option some of our destination wedding couples choose to do is make your Australian ceremony a micro-wedding you can share with those of your family and friends who can’t make it to the overseas-wedding.  If this is the case couples sometimes get dressed up, exchange rings (do it twice, why not?!) and say some personal vows.

With Just Married Weddings you can do whatever you want, and we keep it affordable, simple and really easy to plan.  You can book and prepare online (from anywhere), and the cost is as little as $149 for our special deals, and maximum $399 (all packages include the all-important official government issued marriage certificate).







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