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Jo Malone London are known for their incredible fragrances and have long been a go to for brides and grooms when selecting a memorable scent for their wedding day.


To make that signature scent even more special Jo Malone London have just released a bridal collection which includes a beautiful selection of lace-etched home candles and colognes.


The other wonderful thing that we love about Jo Malone London is that all of their boutiques offers a bridal service, with consultations to cover everything from the bride and groom’s signature scent, to scenting the room and favours.
To find our more about this service works we spoke to Sarah-Louise Jacob, Jo Malone London Bridal Expert


Can you talk us through the process of a couple finding their signature fragrances for their wedding day?

We start by building a rapport with our couple, by finding out as much information from the bride and groom as we can. His suit, her dress, venue, flowers, season, colour theme. Then we ask lots relevant questions to find out their personal scent preferences.  That leads us into giving  them both a pampering hand and arm massage with the scents they have chosen. We help them to establish a preparation ritual ready for their big day. As all of the fragrances are designed to be combined, when the bride and groom embrace at the end of the ceremony- the scents naturally combine with one another, and the scent of each other’s fragrances are mixed in. It’s a really lovely moment.


You also help couples find the right scent for their wedding venue and for guest favours, can you tell us more about this and the process?

During the consultation we would’ve found out the venue and colour theme. Once we know about these. We can help Decorate with Scent. The venue is a blank canvas, that can be brought to life with fragrant touches. Using candles of the Bride and Grooms chosen scents, really helps the venue have a sense of intimacy and warmth.

We offer suggestions for any budget with the wedding favours. We have lots of options for men and women. The gifts when made to be part of the table setting add an air of luxury.


What are your top tips for couples when choosing a fragrance for their wedding?

  • Use flowers from your bouquet to really emphasise your fragrance

  • Layer with wash and body crème to help your scent last all day.

  • Being brave and going outside your comfort zone

What should couples avoid when choosing a fragrance for their wedding?

  • If you don’t love the scent-don’t take it.

  • Don’t feel overwhelmed – this should be a fun process!

  • Don’t wear something you already wear. – create a new memory of your wedding day with a new scent!


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Photography - Lexi Markovic

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