April 29, 2019

We spoke to Elise, the brains and the talent behind one of the most unique concepts we have heard about in a long time. We will let Elise explain what she does, so read on...





What is your business?

My business is Floragraphica.

I photograph wedding bouquets (and other wedding flowers) after the wedding to create gorgeous large-scale wall art - a way to both ‘preserve’ the bouquet and have something beautiful, unique and so meaningful on the wall.  Most people have floral artworks on their wall at some point in their life (be it a Monet, Van Gogh, or O’Keeffe, etc) but this way, it can be their own flowers - their bouquet - that has been turned into an artwork.


Do you work on your own or are there others who work with you?

It’s just me!


What made you choose this career

I really fell into it via my previous life as a naturopath photographing flowering herbal medicines. I developed a passion for shooting flowers and, lets face it, there are no more beautiful flowers than those in a bridal bouquet.


What do you love most about what you do?

Everything!  Photographing, being surrounded by flowers, amazing clients, getting to be creative - it’s all a dream.


What’s the most difficult thing about what you do?

Whittling down my images to settle on those that go in the proof gallery - I can often be wracked with indecision and so it can take ages, going back and forth!


Talk us through your process of working with a couple for their wedding…

It’s a pretty low key process really. Typically I receive a booking in the lead up to the wedding day (though sometimes it can be after the wedding), then I collect or receive the bouquet straight after the wedding (usually the morning after) and shoot it in my studio over several days - in different styles, different compositions, with different backgrounds.  When it gets to the point where it can’t be photographed any more, I go through and make a shortlist of the best which I edit and present to my clients in a proof gallery.  The clients then choose their favourite/s, which gets turned into an artwork to love forever.


What do you think makes you and your business unique?

The service itself is unique - there isn’t anyone else doing this as a business that I know of, anywhere in the world.  It’s a fresh, modern way of preserving the bouquet  - and compared to other preservation methods, it’s scalable (I’ve had them printed up to 2m wide), it’s long lasting (will last over 100 years), it’s variable (different styles and backgrounds) and because it is a digital image it can be turned into almost anything - a scarf, wallpaper, gift cards, you name it!  


What are you most proud of that you have achieved with your business?

I’m proud - and honoured - every time I get a booking and even more proud when when my clients get excited and emotional when they see their artworks.  It’s like constant validation and it’s so special that my artwork will become part of their home and even a beloved heirloom. 


What advice do you have for couples when choosing a vendor in your field?

Well, it’s a pretty limited field - so couples are choosing between only few options - older style pressing or drying, paintings of the bouquet, or me. And while all these options can be lovely, most don't allow multiple options from the one bouquet, or the ability to create massive artworks, or to be adapted for other things, like wallpaper etc,  nor do they have the ability to be reproduced time and time again - for anniversaries, gifts etc. My service does and it also will last for generations.


What one thing do you wish every couple knew before their wedding?

Selfishly, for me, that my service exists as a way of preserving the bouquet, but for them, that their day will fly and to take every moment to breathe it all in!


Are there any new or exciting things happening or coming up for your business?

Yes, I have just partnered with a wallpaper manufacturer, Luxe Walls, to create wallpapers from my client’s bouquets as well as a range of non-custom wallpapers. Imagine being able to live surrounded by your bouquet!  I am also excited to be showing my (non-bridal) floral artworks at an exhibition in May.


What goals are you hoping to achieve in the business in the next year?

Apart from just letting more couples know that my service exists,  I’m also working towards expanding the range of items I can create for my couples with their bouquet photographs - I’m hoping to create textile offerings, like cushions and bedspreads, etc.  


What’s your most memorable moment so far from a wedding you have worked on?

My first double bouquet artwork (from a same-sex wedding) was really special to me - not to mention how amazing the artwork was with double the flowers.  









You can find Floragraphica here...







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