April 15, 2019


We spoke to Barbara Ragan, the owner and creator of all things at Lily's Place.




What is the name of your business and what service do you provide?

Lily’s Place - I sell handmade stationery items for Weddings, Birthdays, Religious occasions and any other special event in your life.


Do you work on your own or are there others who work with you?

I do everything myself. I create the designs, create all the social media posts and maintain the website including the photography.


What made you choose this career?

I love being creative and crafty. I have always created my own birthday cards for friends and family and wedding Invitations for a few close friends. I love the process off designing and making them.


What do you love most about what you do?

Experimenting with new tools of trade to create new designs.


What’s the most difficult thing about what you do?

Finding time to fit everything in.


Talk us through your process of working with a couple for their wedding…

I typically work with just the bride with the design elements. We work together to create a design to suit their style and theme for their wedding day.


What do you think makes you and your business unique?

I offer a personalised service and work with each client and treat them as individuals to really tailor to their style. My work is handmade locally in Sydney by myself with beautiful quality papers.


What are you most proud of that you have achieved with your business?

It took a while and lot of testing but perfecting a beautiful foil finish


What one thing do you wish every couple knew before their wedding?

No one ever RSVP’s in the time set!


Are there any new or exciting things happening or coming up for your business?

In the plans of introducing some new paper colours, textured hand made paper, linen printed menu and place cards and some new shapes for my on the day items.


What goals are you hoping to achieve in the business in the next year?

To expand the range


You can find out more about Lily's Place on their site and social media channels.

facebook @lilysplacedesign

Instagram @lilys_place_design

Pinterest @lilysplacedesign











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