May 2, 2019


KJazzled Jewellery is designed so that each piece is one of a kind, making it a favourite for brides and bridesmaids.


Karen Leask is KJazzled's sole designer, whose passion for creating unique handmade jewellery came about when she noticed there was a real lack of individuality and originality in mass produced jewellery.


Karen says "Our styles range from casual wear to beachy and bohemian jewellery to formal wear and everything in between, all at affordable prices. KJazzled is renowned for creating one-of-a-kind pieces, so you can be guaranteed to be buying an original. Each item has been designed to be worn either on its own, or can be layered or stacked using multiple pieces."


Karen's passion is creating custom made jewellery for people of all ages and gender and she has a particular interest in designing affordable formal and wedding jewellery.


See more at www.kjazzledjewellery.com






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