March 24, 2019

Fairina Cheng makes jewellery for people who don’t like jewellery.










Frustrated by the lack of original designs in shopping mall windows, Fairina was inspired to create a label that was unafraid to go against the grain.

“Growing up, the only jewellery I wore was body jewellery. Traditional rings, necklaces and earrings just didn’t speak to me, and I thought that’s what all jewellery looked like. When I learned that I could design and make my own jewellery, there was this moment of truth when I realised that jewellery could be bold, unconventional and didn’t have to follow the rules,” says Fairina.


Fascinated by the process of manipulating metal, Fairina picked up her first saw frame in a small Sydney studio and fell in love. She now designs and handcrafts a range of unconventional jewellery for rule breakers and story makers.

Fairina’s jewellery includes a 3D printed collection and unconventional engagement rings that include hidden references to each couple’s personal story.


Fairina’s passion for innovation and technology offers her customers a truly unique experience. “I love to involve them at every step of the way, from creating a design based on their unique story to giving them an insight into how their special piece was made,” Fairina says. “For some engagement ring customers, I create customised videos of their actual ring coming to life, which makes a beautiful proposal surprise.”

The winner of an Etsy Design Award, Fairina has also collaborated with brands including craft gin brand, Four Pillars. “We designed a silver and rose gold necklace that features a textured surface cast from the skin of an orange, a key ingredient in the Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin,” says Fairina.

For more information about Fairina’s unconventional jewellery, visit fairinachengjewellery.com.

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