March 17, 2019

Introducing the latest from Claire Pettibone in this dreamy shoot photographed by Kelle Sauer.


When describing this new collection the designer says

"What is timeless in this culture of NOW and NEXT?! This is something I actually spend a lot of time thinking about as I design a collection. Although I love trends and find inspiration in both the past and my current surroundings, when I create a bridal gown, I do think about the long term. One day my bride will look back at these photos, and maybe even down the line her children or grandchildren will too…what will they think? Was it trendy? Was it too much or not enough? Most importantly, does it capture the essence of this woman…who she was at that sweet time in life when love between two people was just beginning. My ultimate goal is to create wedding dresses that truly portray each bride and give her a beauty that endures the test of time."


Speaking about the shoot she says "We chose a combination of muted colors and of course “timeless” black and white images to capture the mood. Hair and makeup by Page Beauty was inspired by old-world portraits, with a modern, effortless vibe. This season, I put my spin on the classic strapless gown, and here is a sneak peek at some of the dresses we’ll be showing during April Bridal Market."



















Designer: Claire Pettibone

Photographer: Kelle Sauer

Beauty: Page Beauty



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