December 22, 2018



We asked Angela Baldwin from Little Red Robyn Cakes to share her insights on the trends set to be taking over your feed in 2019.


2018 was all about the naked drip cake. Yet according to Angela Baldwin from Little Red Robyn Cakes, this is set to make way for more adventurous cake choices as couples seek to truly personalise their big day. Behold the 10 wedding cake trends you need on your radar:


1) Geometric shapes

From rectangle, to square to hexagon, nothing says ‘modern’ quite like a geometric cake design! Whether it’s paired with a simple finish, a riot of colour or stunning statement blooms, the options are endless when it comes to changing the shape of your chosen style. Couples are also looking at mixing shapes together, to give depth and interest to an otherwise standard look.




2) White on white

A fantastic choice when you want a really detailed design but don’t want the overall finished product to be overly gaudy. Florals, art deco, bas-relief – this trend can be done in many different styles. It’s also a great choice for the bride who may be opting for a non-traditional wedding gown, as the colour really pops against the stark white cake in photos.




3) Dark and moody

Not surprising when you look at the popularity in recent times of stunning dark and moody florals featuring pampas grass, deep burgundy peonies and almost-black roses. When it comes to really tying a wedding theme together, the cake is being taken into account more and more. Black and navy have been particularly popular choices, and work well with a statement floral design and more atmospheric, candlelit venues.



4) Metallic details

Who doesn’t love a bit of bling! Gold leaf detail and touches of hand painting have certainly been common enough over the last two years and this is set to continue, albeit in a few different forms. Rose gold and copper are the current popular metallic choices, with a number of requests coming through for a more ‘tarnished’ gold look as well. Clients are keen to bring out the best in their cake flowers with gold accents to really draw the eye while adding that extra touch of glamour.





5) Impressionist finishes

Best represented by the stunning pieces coming out of the Sweet Blooms studio, this technique involves applying buttercream with a palette knife in a more painterly style. It gives a soft colour to the cake, and is a definite statement while still being soft and reserved. Make sure you think about weather around your wedding date and the cooling at your venue when considering this design.




6) Greenery

Flowers will always be a favourite, but just as we’ve seen in table arrangement trends, there is also a lean towards using greenery such as montesera palms as cake decorations. In the past this has been seen before with gum leaves and magnolia branches, but the next 12 months will see a preference for that bright tropical green and a certain Miami vibe! Mixed with white cymbidium or dendrobium orchids or even single statement anthuriums, the key to this trend is to go simple with your cake finish and let the foliage and flowers do all the talking.


7) Floral trends

Think different (cotton, air plants, wheat, pampas grass) mixed with traditional (roses, peonies, hydrangeas) in really unusual colour and texture combinations.



8) Cake alternatives

One of the biggest requests for next year is still the doughnut tower! A great option for cocktail weddings. Top with a traditional cake for your cake-cutting and then guests can simply help themselves to a doughnut or two… or three! Incorporate flowers from your floral designs and make the cutting cake gluten free to make for a dessert that is inclusive in terms of style and your guest’s needs.



9) Traditional Wedding Cakes

More and more couples are embracing one another’s culture and having little nods towards their ancestors’ traditions in their wedding. This is not surprising when you look at current food trends and the rise of the regional cookbook in past years. Acknowledging what is different and makes your family unique is now seen as a big positive. From piles of cannoli, oversized millefoglie, traditional Scandinavian Kransekake or even the French croquembouche (helllooooo custard filling!), these can all give a meaningful and delicious point of difference to any wedding feast.



10) Non-wedding-cake wedding cakes

You hate the look of a traditional white fluffy wedding cake. But you love cake. Your favourite is carrot with lashings of cream cheese, but his is salted caramel with extra oozy caramel, and your mum can’t live without flourless chocolate. You can’t just choose one – so choose them all! Displays of delicious cakes to cater to all tastebuds and dietary requirements have been a big hit in recent months – just look at Charlotte Ree’s multi cake table from the exceptional Nadine Ingram at Flour & Stone bakery. This trend can be attributed to the rise in interest and popularity of artisan bakers and bakeries, customers now care about where and who bakes their products, causing frenzied Instagramming and lines down the street for the perfect pastry or slice of watermelon cake. A cost-effective option that can really cater to any dessert lover without being too traditional and fussy.





Little Red Robyn Cakes is taking part in the Love + Light Wedding Festival to be held in Rutherglen, Vic on February 16-17, 2019. More information and tickets:

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