November 25, 2018

Give the gift of deep and meaningful conversation.


One of the most important parts of any relationship is being able to understand and really know the other person. Knowing what motivates their actions and why, and in turn them understanding you, will help you build a strong foundation for a long lasting relationship. However it can be difficult to know the right questions to ask to get to the heart of things, and that is where Fuelbox comes in.


Fuelbox is literally a box of questions - they have a variety of different boxes for different relationships, including for couples, friends and family. In each box there are 10 topics and 170 cards with open questions, each question also has follow up questions so you can really get to know each other. The aim is not to ask as many questions as possible but to generate great conversations.


Every relationship has it's hard moments and Fuelbox is also fantastic for times in your relationship where there may be things that you and your partner find it difficult to talk about, the questions are carefully considered and give you the opportunity to discuss these tricky matters openly.


What a lovely gift this would be to give yourself and your partner on your wedding day, or perhaps take on your honeymoon to strengthen your knowledge of each other.  Also the friends and family boxes would be perfect to gift to your bridal party and parents, and then spend quality time with them getting to know them better. We love the idea of an intimate hens night with just your closest pals sipping your drink of choice and truly bonding with the people who will be supporting you on your wedding day. The gift of our time is often undervalued and the special people in our lives would probably like nothing more than our energy and undivided attention even just for a short while.


As the team at Fuelbox like to say "the grass is always greenest where you give it water".


Shipping is free and gift wrapping is also available.

Get yours at www.fuelboxaustralia.com.au






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