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Luna + Honey founder and editor Micaela married Jeff in Honolulu, Hawaii.


Wedding date: July 9, 2018

Wedding location: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Number of guests: 45

Bridal party: Best woman, Maid of honour, Bridesman, two junior bridesmaids, flower girl and page boy

Ceremony time: 3pm to 3:20pm

Reception time: 5pm to 11pm


How did you meet?

Jeff and I worked for the same company and were properly introduced by a mutual work friend, when he invited Jeff to join our trivia team. Jeff and I were friends for many years before becoming a couple.


Tell us about the proposal…

Jeff proposed at the bar where he first told me he loved me.


Where was your wedding ceremony and reception?

We held both our ceremony and reception at YWCA Café Julia in Honolulu, Hawaii.


How did you find the location and why did you choose it?

I had a lot of locations on my list, however we decided on Honolulu because it was a location that was easy for our guests to get to from Australia and from the Philippines as that’s where a lot of Jeff’s family live. Jeff and I had separately visited Hawaii and we both love it. I had never been to Oahu the island where Honolulu is located though and really wanted to go!


During the planning of your wedding how many times did you visit the location?

None! We just trusted fully in our research and our wedding planner to make it all come together.


What was the theme of your wedding?

Relaxed with a touch of boho Hawaii, with a focus on washed out rose pink and ivory hues with green touches.


How easy or hard was it to plan your wedding?

It was very easy because we had a planner to look after all of the details. Once I accepted I couldn’t control everything and just had to go with the flow most of it was more enjoyable.


Where did the majority of your guests stay?

Guests stayed at various places on Oahu, most of them in Honolulu. We stayed at SurfJack Hotel & Swim Club.


Did you have an itinerary or planned activity for guests on either side of the wedding?

Two days before the wedding we had a Tropicana themed welcome cocktail party. We gave all of our guests tropical themed welcome bags that included things like pineapple shaped cups, Hawaiian lollies and chocolate, hair-ties, flamingo coasters and stickers.


What advice would you give a couple planning a destination wedding in this location?

If the venue you like doesn’t have a planner then definitely hire one, it saves so much time and stress. Hawaii also does have some laws and regulations I wasn’t aware of prior and having a planner made us aware of these things and alternatives.


What did you like about having a destination wedding?

It was a big holiday with all of our favourite people.


What was your favourite part of your wedding day?

We had a traditional Hawaiian ceremony and our celebrant Kalehua was beyond amazing, it was so unique and special. We exchanged leis and gave leis to our immediate family and bridal party and memorable.


What advice would you give someone else planning a destination wedding?

Be realistic, there are things that you can’t do when you have a destination wedding. You can’t be involved in every aspect of your wedding like you can with a local wedding. You need to trust that it will work out and even if things don’t go to plan just go with it and do what you can to fix it.


Is there anything you would have done differently?

It took forever for me to settle on a venue and I wasted so much time trying to make a different venue work when it was clear from the outset that it was going to be difficult to plan a destination wedding at that particular venue as there were too many moving parts. So I wish I had just simplified the process earlier.


How many days before the wedding did you arrive at your location?

Six days.


How many days did you stay at the location of your wedding?

We stayed two weeks in Oahu but moved to a resort outside of Honolulu a few days after the wedding. Most of our guests stayed one week.


Were there any particularly special or memorable moments from the day you want to share?

The most special moment was the parent child dance, I started dancing with my son who unfortunately was asleep so I danced with him in a stroller but then everyone got up and danced with their parents.


Tell us about the flowers, bouquets and floral arrangements...

We choose dusty pink roses as the main flower and the arrangements all had a loose rustic style with lots of green.


Tell us about the menu, food and drinks...

Café Julia is known for it’s great food, for our cocktail hour there were a variety of canapés served and for the main meal we had a buffet with a number of extra stations including a carving station and tacos station. I am a vegetarian so I am a big fan of any event where you can choose your own food. We also had four cocktails on our drinks list plus beer, wine and spirits were all available at our open bar. For dessert we ordered in famous Hawaiian ice cream sandwiches in four flavours.


Tell us about your wedding cake...

Jeff and I both love doughnuts so instead of a cake we had two doughnut stacks.


Tell us about the music and entertainment...

We had a live band, The Island Kings Band and they were incredible and made the night so much fun they got everyone up and singing along. Our first dance was Kiss The Girl from The Little Mermaid played live by the band and it was magical. They also played Lullaby by The Dixie Chicks as the parent child dance.

We also had the best photobooth I have ever been in and everyone loved it, they had the coolest props. The final thing we did was have a table of board games as Jeff and I love board games but we also knew it would be fun for those who didn’t want to dance or wanted a break from the dance floor. They were a huge hit and there was even an epic game of Jenga that had everyone watching.


Tell us about the décor...

Our venue is a historic site and has so much natural beauty that I wanted to keep it very simple. The courtyard already has string lights, and the venue provided tables, chairs and white lines and we added dusty pink napkins, small floral arrangements and candles to the tables and our lovely talented friend Emilia created macramé hangings for each chair that the guests got to keep.


Did you have guest gifts?

Yes, Emilia Lorena made the gorgeous macrame hangings that were on each chair and that the guests got to keep. My best friend and maid of honour, Claire, made animal keyrings and everyone got to “Pick Their Party Animal” when they arrived at the cocktail hour.


Anything else you included on the day...

Instead of table numbers each table name was the answer to a question on the seating board. For example one question was “What is Micaela and Jeff’s favourite ride at Disneyland?” and the name of the table was Space Mountain. It was a nod to our meeting at trivia.

































































Photographer: Jack Henry

Cinematographer: Patti and James Centenera from Life's Our Trip

Ceremony and reception: YWCA Café Julia

Event planner: Sandra Williams from Finishing Touch

Celebrant: Kalehua Fetheran

MC: Josh Centenera

Florist: Marie Blooms

Cake: Dunkin' Donuts

Sweets: Unlce’s Ice Cream Sandwiches

Catering: Café Julia

Entertainment: Island Kings Band / FlashLab

Guest favours: Emilia Lorena / Critterz

Stationery: Sandra Markovic

Engagement ring: Natalie Marie

Wedding Rings: Natalie Marie

Invitations: Danger and Moon

Bridal gown: Oleg Cassini

Bride’s shoes: Dazie

Junior bridesmaid dresses: Forever New

Junior bridesmaid shoes: Avarcas

Maid of honour dress: ASOS

Bridesman shirt and pants: ASOS

Bridesman shoes: Topshop

Flower girl dress: Tea Princess

Flower girl shoes: Avarcas

Page Boys outfit: Next UK

Hair stylist and makeup artist: Joanna Lee

Groom’s suit: MJ Bale

Groom's shoes: Topshop


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