May 8, 2018



The theme of Ethereal Photography’s ‘Honeymoon’ themed photoshoot included beautiful bridal daywear and lingerie with touches of gold, complimented with a stunning horse, open fields and the last golden rays of a sleepy honeymoon afternoon.

The boutique wedding photo and film collective based in South East QLD is headed by Josh and Joey who have a candid, relaxed, and natural approach to capturing weddings. The inspiration behind Ethereal Photography’s ‘Honeymoon’ themed photoshoot was to capture the beautiful elegance of a bride on her honeymoon after she has said her ‘I do's’ to the man of her dreams.





“We wanted it to be elegant, feminine and focused on a newly married wife feeling beautiful about herself, carefree, filled with so much blissful peace and happiness after all the organizing of planning her big day,” the pair share. “We wanted brides to stop and remember what it's all about, the wedding day is so special and beautiful, but it does not end there; a honeymoon should be that intimate little solitude where a newly married lady gets to be pampered, treated like a princess, a little escape from the business of everyday life as a couple starts their life long adventure together.”



































To accompany their beautiful honeymoon shoot, Josh and Joey also felt compelled to share a few stories from several real brides they’ve had the pleasure of photographing over the years. We hope you enjoy hearing about their own honeymoon experiences and the new adventures they have planned in their married life…





Our honeymoon was amazing! It was so exciting knowing that we had the whole day together, just the two of us. Having a honeymoon was so important to us to really share as a couple such a joyous occasion, it was so special having time away from work, from worries to just truly enjoy each other. We did not want to go back to reality! It was a beginning for us, to start creating amazing memories together as a married couple, waking up every morning and realising that we were finally married, that is the happiest memory!


We spent so much time just talking together as a couple, I remember just being so excited that we were married and talking about our future together was really special. My husband put together a beautiful photo frame filled with photos of us from important moments we shared together such as overseas trips and our engagement. It was so special to me at the time and still remains on our dresser at home.


Our honeymoon destination was Byron Bay, NSW. It was lovely, but the best part was being away from home somewhere special, just the two of us.


There are so many special moments from our wedding day, I remember being absolutely terrified waiting for my part of the music to start walking down the aisle, but when I saw Rhys all the fear melted away, and I just felt so overwhelmingly happy! I barley noticed anyone around me for the rest of the the ceremony except for him!


We are still very much in love and are so excited for the next chapter of our lives, we have our first child on the way due February 2018 and cannot wait!





I was so happy, excited and content on our honeymoon. The wedding way over, but we could just relax as newlyweds and really enjoy each others company. Knowing he was there, just next to me, that is such a happy memory.


Our honeymoon destination was the Gold Coast, QLD. It is where we got engaged, and we have shared a lot of special moments there together. I have really fond memories of our time together, one of my happiest memories was the day spa! just being in love, not having any real plans and being in the moment. That to me is what a honeymoon is all about.


I remember on our wedding day looking down the aisle and seeing Jon. There were so many feelings, I was happy, proud and comfortable that I had found someone who made me feel special and loved. I was a bit teary, my beloved Dad passed away a year and a half before our wedding day. My uncle walked me down the aisle and I started to cry, and I couldn't really stop the tears. The ceremony was a reflective and overwhelming happy feeling knowing that Dad would have been proud I was marrying such a wonderful guy.


We are so happy, and are looking forward to all the new adventures we will create together and facing life’s challenges as a couple. We are planning another 'honeymoon' for our 5th or 10th anniversary haha!





Being together on our honeymoon was actually a time to reconnect after the planning and organising of our wedding. It was a moment to just breathe and to be still, reflecting on the amazing milestone we had achieved together. A honeymoon wow moment for me was walking into Marina Bay Sands and seeing the care they had put into our space, there was an unbelievable amount of roses and fresh rose petals!


Our honeymoon was totally worth it, just the buzz of being honeymooners was enough! We went on a Princess Cruise for our honeymoon, we left from Fremantle, WA and went to Singapore where we spent our time together at Marina Bay Sands, the staff were absolutely wonderful and went to such an effort to treat us really well. I remember looking at each other each morning on our honeymoon as if to say "we made it!". Thinking of that makes me smile.

Its funny the memories that stay with you from your wedding day, I remember during the ceremony Tom's Grandmother sneaking in a quick sandwich, it was absolutely priceless! Those are the things you look back on, the family memories, the quirky little moments that make up our little part of this world.


We have so many new adventures planned as a couple! We have just brought home our little fur baby Evie. She is an Italian Greyhound and will eventually be trained as a therapy dog. We are already in love with her little personality and are obsessed with couch cuddles!





Sharing in a meaningful honeymoon together as a newly married couple was really important to us. We wanted to have a great holiday together before heading back to work, but is was also to have a special time to ourselves to decide what we wanted from married life, to determine what was important for both of us.


I remember just feeling so much peacefulness on our honeymoon, it was a time to really appreciate our relationship, but also getting to experience something new and amazing with each other. We were lucky enough to travel to South Africa for our honeymoon, seeing the wild animals on safari and the landscape of the reserve was breathtaking. Experiencing all that together as a couple is something I will treasure forever.


I would recommend newlyweds to plan a honeymoon together, seriously just do it! Sometimes people don’t get the chance to plan time together later on because other special things take priority like buying a house or having kids. There is so much build up and preparation for a wedding day and it goes so fast, like so fast! Our wedding day was amazing, and the honeymoon was just an extension of that. It created a relaxed setting, just me and my new partner to reflect on the wedding day and talk about the rest of our married life together. We were so relaxed, carefree and happy on our honeymoon, those are the memories we look back on to remind us what things in life really matter.


Waking up on my honeymoon I felt so peaceful and calm, knowing I was married to my best friend was the best feeling in the world. I remember our first kiss on our wedding day so well, it was just really sweet and I remember feeling loved, feeling treasured by my husband, like I was the absolute most perfect woman in his eyes. That was such a special moment.

We want to keep making amazing memories together, our next adventure is to travel to Canada, we want to go in the summer so we can experience the amazing landscapes.





Photography: Ethereal Photography 

Videography: Twelve08Studios 

Venue: Maleny Retreat Wedding Venue 

Hair and makeup: Omorfia 

Styling: The One Day House 

Clothes: Homeboddii & Alex Bridal Wear 

Model: Brooke Styles & Victoria Davies

Jewellery: Not Just Jewels 

Cake: Hansel and Gretel Specialty Cakes

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