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Not just a full time photographer, Tina Bingham, is also a mother, wife, and country girl born and bred. The face behind the lens of Wagga Wagga based wedding and portrait photography business, Peppermint Studios, Tina is all about chasing the natural light, and her relaxed shooting style has landed her plenty of work. It isn't hard to see why couples, near and far, have fallen head over heels for her and have wanted Peppermint Studios to be the one to tell their love stories. Now, the photography studio's next big adventure? Being showcased at the 2018 Love + Light Wedding Festival.We chatted with Tina to find out more about herself, her art and what a couple can expect when they choose Peppermint to capture their big day...





What made you choose photography, and wedding photography in particular, as a career?

I was working in a job I didn’t love, or at least it didn’t inspire me or get me excited. Photography was simply a fun thing I enjoyed doing. In the beginning, I never even dreamt that it could be what I did for a living.  At the start, I did a bit of everything, until I realized it was weddings that I really enjoyed. Maybe a bit of an adrenalin junkie from way back, so the demand of a busy wedding day never daunted me. Some photographers are like “Hey wedding photography? That is crazy…” but I seemed to thrive from it. I am completely comfortable finding the right medium between being out amongst it and not missing a thing, and being right behind the scenes like a fly on the wall.


You are known for your natural and candid-style photography. Can you elaborate on your style and way of working?  

Every modern wedding photographer will say that. To be honest, it really is not up to me. I only ask one thing of my clients on their wedding day and that is just to enjoy every little bit of it. Don’t worry about what you need to do or where to stand. Yes, we will direct you if the light is better in a different spot, but making sure my couples are chilled and not feeling all ‘smile for the photo’ is the best approach.


Do you shoot digital, film or both?



Walk us through your process when it comes to photographing a couple’s wedding day…

So… coffee first. Like a good coffee. Then hair/makeup and groom prep; most of this early stuff is just easing into the scene of the day. Sometimes, if you turn up with a camera, it’s a bit in your face. So we like to start nice and slow, meet everyone, get excited and become part of the crew.  Bride prep is usually the time we are starting to get a bit more serious with our timeframes. Making sure Dad is getting ready and not on the lawn mower is key.  We allocate a rough timeframe for detail shots, getting dressed, then some time for portraits after. 


Ceremony is the big moment of the day. No longer are we just watching the bride coming, we are all over the emotion of the ceremony, the groom, the parents the guests… and of course finally when the deal happens. That is probably our favourite shot of the day; so much happiness happening in front of us.


The mingling, canapés, family photos, location photos and the party… there are no rules,  but basically we are on the go and wanting to get as much as we can without making it all about the photos! I know, we are about the photos, but this is not about us. It is someone’s wedding day, and we photograph what we see. 


Of course, we encourage sunset photos, not only is it magic time, but all the photos are done guys. Just step out for five minutes by yourselves… 


What’s the stickiest situation you’ve faced so far being a wedding photographer?

Literally, a bog swamp in the middle of the Bago State Forest that almost swallowed me in front of an entire wedding party. Fortunately, the video guy missed it.

But seriously, family dramas, separated parents and awkward personal situations is so not even worthy of a mention, that is all just normal stuff, and the reason why you have a professional photographer at your disposal. We got this.


Not all of your clients are going to be creative, or perform well in front of a camera! How do you deal with these situations and encourage them to make the best of what they have?

Hardly anyone we photograph are models or are used to being in front of the camera, but yes some people really struggle with getting comfortable. We have sneaky tricks usually in the form of laughter, long lenses, and the moment after shot. Basically, when they feel all awkward and then they laugh at themselves and then the ordeal is over and we stop photographing them. Then we photograph them.


What goals do you hope to achieve in the next year? 

Be more creative.. I think being an artist, it is never enough.


What one thing do you wish every bride and groom-to-be knew before their wedding? 

That is a hard one, I think maybe that storm clouds are a good thing?


Any tips for couples when looking for their photographer? 

Meet them first, or Skype. Just chatting to your photographer and picking up on one another’s vibe is a good idea first. It is the right decision when you both feel comfortable.


You are one of the star venues being highlighted at this year’s Love + Light Festival. How did this beautiful partnership come to be? 

I photograph lots of weddings and am so privileged to have worked with many wonderful vendors. Having a great team on a wedding day makes a world of difference to what I do. When I was asked to join Love + Light, I jumped at the opportunity. Rutherglen undoubtedly has some of the best vendors and venues in this country… eat your heart out Tuscany. Literally they couldn’t hold me back!


I also was really drawn to the way this event was organized. I am not a really great bridal fair goer and so this was a new take for couples planning their day.

































Peppermint Studios

Any questions call Tina on 04 27 007 810 or email

Wedding Event for Feb 2018 in Rutherglen check out Love + Light Wedding Festival (or via Instagram) or get tickets.

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