November 21, 2017



"It's all about the dress", is what most brides-to-be think when it comes to their major style statement for the biggest day of their life. While typically this is the case for many women when approaching their wedding look, it would be a crime not to consider the details with just as much vigour. In particular, the jewels a bride wears can make or break her look, and also showcase their personality like nothing else. So when it comes to making a statement with jewels, how could you pass up the classic and modern YCL Jewels? If you haven't heard of this emerging brand, you need to, and we chatted with its passionate founder Fabienne Costa about the stunning designs, and in particular, their new ceremonial collection...





Tell us more about YCL Jewels…

YCL Jewels makes pieces for the modern and mystic woman. Until a year ago, YCL’s small team would hand make all of our pieces from our Gold Coast studio. After extensive research and trips to investigate, we now have a portion of our pieces made by craftsmen in India and Hong Kong, while still hand making some of the pieces in the studio. Each piece is made and intended to be layered with other pieces. I also design each piece to align with the energy centres or ‘chakras’ of our bodies and want the wearer to feel empowered and strong each time she wears one of our treasures.


How did you come up with the concept behind YCL?

I found it hard to find modern and intentional jewellery. It was either very bohemian or something that didn’t hold much value to me. I wanted to combine these two elements to create a jewellery label that was minimal and timeless, yet still designed with energy centres in mind and also incorporated metaphysical properties of crystals.





Who is the woman you have in mind when creating new designs?

Myself and our YCL Women. We have such a wonderful community of customers who have supported YCL from the beginning and these women inspire me each time I sit down to design a new collection. She is a woman who is grounded, connected and loves from within.


You’ve been creating artisanal jewellery for a decade. What first sparked that fire to go into this business?

I’ve always been a creative soul and love jewellery.


You emphasize cruelty free, minimal packaging and conscious manufacturing as part of your process. Tell us more about this…

I feel in a world where consumerism is becoming more and more prevalent, it is extremely important for us as a brand to try to make every aspect of YCL as conscious as we possibly can, in regards to the planet, humans and animals. This is an evolving journey for us as we work towards goals of opening our very own fair-trade stamped factory and continually using innovative ideas as consciously crafted as we can.


You’ve recently launched a ceremonial collection called Rituals. Tell us more about Rituals…

Rituals is our very first ceremonial collection. It is an ode to the women who want jewellery that’s been consciously crafted and sourced from minerals from the earth, which has less of a carbon footprint.






Every bride wants to be a standout! In what ways can jewellery create a unique and standout bridal look?

Here at YCL, we love the fine gold layered look and we find many of our brides love this too. They are also able to individualise their look with their own style.


What’s your personal favourite design you’ve made?

I definitely have a few. My favourite at the moment would have to be our “For Her” Necklace from our latest collection, Essere. This was created to liberate and empower femininity, as well as the female figure.


In three words, tell us who the YCL bride is to you?

Timeless, graceful, mysterious.





To shop, see more from the Rituals Collection or to make an appointment to visit the YCL Showroom, visit: ycljewels.com




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