August 27, 2017



Since the doors of his luxury jewellery boutique and workshop opened on Ocean Street in Sydney’s Woollahra in August 2014, Matthew Ely has firmly established himself as a leading luxury jewellery designer and gemmologist in Australia. Matthew uses imagination paired with a unique application of design principles to create award-winning pieces and bespoke fine jewellery. We picked the brain of award winning Ely to see what the latest trends are in engagement and wedding jewellery...






Trend 1: Geometric Shapes




This year, a number of softer shapes such as cushion cut engagement rings, have risen in popularity, however it is likely that there will be a shift in this trend resulting in more couples seeking more angular, geometric designs. Recent clientele have expressed interest in styles such as the Asscher Cut Morganite Ring and our Art Deco Asscher Cut Twin Halo Engagement Ring which shows a rise in prominence of these geometric designed engagement rings.  



Trend 2: Art Deco Inspired Designs







This year we have seen a noticeable increase in the number of our clientele seeking more embellished engagement ring styles that feature larger diamonds and luxury gemstones such as sapphires. 


Art Deco Inspired pieces are prized for their unique beauty and timeless appeal. Such pieces combine elements of today’s style with those of the Art Deco era. Modern Brides are choosing pieces inspired by this style as they incorporate dramatic shapes, bold details and bright colours that ensure their engagement ring is one of a kind. 



Trend 3: Rose Gold





Whilst White Gold and Platinum are still the most popular metals for engagement rings, Rose Gold is remaining a favourite for brides who want something a little different. Rose Gold can look spectacular with a number of different skin tones and offsets the brilliance of white diamonds very well.  We also have a number of grooms who are opting for Rose Gold wedding bands, which is a rising trend in recent years. 



Trend 4: Elaborate Wedding Band Designs




In the bridal jewellery market today, we are seeing increasing numbers of clientele choosing a larger diamond wedding band along with vintage style diamond bands that make much more of a statement and serves to lift the diamond centrepiece of their chosen engagement ring. Ten years ago, wedding bands were often simple bands in white gold, yellow gold or platinum that served to compliment the engagement ring. However this year, it seems that more elaborately detailed wedding bands such as our marquise and round vintage bands that are the preferred choice for brides-to-be. 



About Morganites



Morganite is a stone that has risen dramatically in popularity as many are drawn to the rare gem’s pink hues, which can range from salmon to peachy tone.

Morganite is universally flattering and can work well with Yellow, White and Rose Golds. When purchasing a Morganite, colour is a crucial factor in determining the quality. As the true pink hues are of considerably higher demand, the limited availability of the stone can result in a higher price.


Cut is also important to consider when choosing and determining the quality of your Morganite. As the stone has a distinct colour spread, certain areas need to be cut specifically to achieve the most desirable vibrancy. A skilful cutter will be able to cut facets and proportions to encourage the greatest brilliance out of the stone.





Matthew Ely:

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