July 28, 2017




From modest beginnings in Melbourne to global phenomenon and New York Bridal Week staple, creative dreamer Anna Campbell has always put one thing first - her bride. Designing locally for brides globally, the bridal designer is celebrating ten years of success with her launch of Eternal Heart, an unapologetic collection for the feminine bride who craves all things soft, romantic and sparkly. 





At the launch event, Anna showcased the stunning collection which pays tribute to her signature past styles that have continued to be sought after by brides the world over. We caught up with the design maestro who shared with Luna the details behind the collection, her creative process and greatest inspirations as well as divulging styling tips, her personal style icons and more.





Tell us more about your latest collection - Anna Campbell Eternal Heart Collection…

It is such a beautiful collection, and one that I am really proud of! There is so much intricate, soft lace detailing, floating silks, and sparkling embellishments!


How would you describe the Eternal Heart bride?

She is a classic Anna Campbell bride! She is truly romantic, a little bohemian, but wants to feel incredibly special beautiful and sparkling on her wedding day.


Do you have particular dress from the collection you covet most?

I have a new favourite almost every day! It is very hard to choose, however if I had to pick I would choose the 'Eleanor' dress. It features an incredible guipure lace, which feels both vintage, yet somehow modern, and the lace trails softly across the shoulders, then down the centre of the back, which looks incredible! 


Far from traditional, what can you tell us about your unique design style?

It is really unique! I have never worried too much about what other designers are doing, or what trends are in or out, and because of this I have just focused on creating beautiful dresses, and each design taking me on a bit of a creative journey! The way our dresses fit is incredible – especially the Eternal Heart collection has such a soft aesthetic, yet when worn you feel just the right amount of support.


Walk us through your particular process of creating a new collection…

It is such a lengthy process, and takes over a year! It starts with researching and finding inspiration. From there, I start drawing, then I work closely with my production team to begin creating the samples. Each bead and piece of lace is meticulously thought through – you can see why it takes an entire year!


Do you have a favourite moment in the process?

There are amazing moments all throughout the process, but one that really stands out is when we are right at the end, and shooting the collection – at this stage there has been so much passion and love put into the collection alongside a fair amount of stress and anxiety, and seeing the dresses perform incredibly at the shoot, and creating imagery that you know your brides will love to see and be inspired by – that’s always a great feeling!


Who are your own bridal style icons?

This is such a hard question for me, as honestly I am really just inspired by our own brides more than anything.


If you could design a wedding dress for anyone (past or present), who would you choose and how would you dress them?

Again – I would choose one of our brides. Someone who genuinely loves Anna Campbell for the same reasons that we do, because of our beautiful sparkling aesthetic, the quality of our dresses, and how they are hand made for each bride – that is the bride that makes us get up in the morning and love what we do!


What is your favourite thing about being a bridal designer and what made you choose bridal fashion in particular?

Bridal fashion chose me in a sense, as I fell into it after beautiful girls started requesting our party style dresses in ivory! My favourite part of being in bridal is that you get to create a garment that is incredible important, and treasured – it is so far from fast fashion, both in terms of the emotional importance of the piece you are creating, and the journey it will take with your bride, but also in terms of how we can use the most beautiful silks, and incredible beading and lace, which is uncommon in fast fashion.


What styling tips would you give a bride on her wedding day?

The most important tip would be to be herself! If she feels the most beautiful with soft wavy hair and big earrings – then do that! Too often brides feel pushed into some kind of elaborate hair do, or heavy makeup, when they would never style themselves like that normally!


How does a bride know when she’s truly found “the one” dress that’s perfect for her?

When she feels relaxed and excited! All personalities are different, so sometimes there is a big excited “YES” moment, other times, she just feels quietly excited and content that it feels right inside.


Where do you see yourself in ten years?

It is rare that I think that far ahead honestly! I am about to have our first baby, so in ten years I imagine that I will have a few more, and be living in a beautiful family home with some land for my babies to run around in, and where we can all horse ride together! Anna Campbell will be just as enjoyable, and hand made and ethically responsible as we are now.


What is your greatest career accomplishment so far?

I think that getting to our ten-year anniversary this year was special! That is incredibly rare in small business – and it has taken a huge amount of heart, tears, highs and lows to get to that point! Building a business from the ground up is more than a full-time commitment, it has been my number one life focus for the last decade!


And personal accomplishment?

Remaining a calm and happy person through all the growth of Anna Campbell! I started when I was only nineteen, and as much as I have made mistakes in the process, I work alongside the most incredible team of girls who have stuck by me and Anna Campbell and I count as my friends – to me that is huge! 

































Photography: Jessica Apap

Hair and makeup: Melonie Santos

Flowers: Flos Botanical Studio


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