February 4, 2017


Bespoke floral studio, Anouk Flowers, is tucked away in the hills surrounding the Yarra Valley. Specialists in weddings, events, corporates and styling projects for photoshoots and interiors, Anouk Flowers has a signature style that is as special and unique as the individual. Founder, Holly Deacon, draws inspiration in her designs from the ever changing seasons, collecting, foraging and enjoying locally grown flowers, foliages and textures. 


Tell us about your company Anouk Flowers and how it all started…

Anouk is a sweet little flower studio based in The Yarra Valley. It is a creative platform for us to create unique flowers for weddings, events & corporates, along with styling services too. After working in the flower industry here and overseas I decided to start doing my own weddings from home and organically Anouk Flowers started to take shape, now we have our very own flower studio & many exciting projects ahead of us. 


What would you say is your signature style?

I like to feel that everything we create is unique to the individual and that we are flexible within our style, because of this I find it hard to define what we do. However we love using beautiful natives, textures and like to be a bit ‘out of the box’


What is your favourite flower to work with or incorporate into wedding designs?

Even though I love working with romantic opened roses & whimsical vines, I especially get excited when I get to incorporate something a bit different into the design. I love working with natives, textures and fun colour schemes. Natives seem to have a bad rap, but they really are beautiful when used correctly.


What trends are coming up in the world of floral décor and styling that you are most excited about?

I feel like fashion and flowers go very much hand in hand, the romantic & flowing style has been in for a long time now with pastel colours & bloomed flowers, old world charm – who can beat it! But I feel like 2017 onwards there will be a turn into the brighter colour palette and bolder flower designs. I have noticed brides opting for brightly coloured dresses for their special day and this just means there will be an opening for flower designs that are a bit more tailored to the dress colour, that makes me excited!


What inspires you?

The community I am surrounded by are super inspiring; it’s almost borderline ridiculous how many creative, passionate and supportive people surround me. When you work on your own it can be hard to motivate yourself and stay focused when you don’t have a ‘buddy’ to bounce off, but im very lucky to have the support and inspiration of other hard working individuals around me.


When it comes to flowers, where should a couple prioritise their budget?

Everyone is very different in this way, some people love to have their bouquets as the showstoppers and others want to have big flower installations or more of the budget spent on table arrangements. I think its good to look at the venue/space and see what you think is needed to make it special for you and then prioritise around that. I also think its important to share your budget with your florist and to have an honest conversation about what is realistic and achievable within that budget.


When should a couple book a florist?

Depending on how busy the florist is it can be good to book 6 months or more in advance just to make sure the date is free.


What sets Anouk apart from other florists?

I like to think we are little bit fearless and don’t mind stepping out of our comfort zone, its nice to sometimes step away from trends and just create based on the client in front of you and all your wild ideas combined together. Every florists has its unique quirks but If I had to say what set us apart it would be that our designs are a bit spunky & edgy.


How do you tailor your work to suit a couple’s vision without compromising your unique style?

Its very important to make sure you represent your clients vision and this means listening to them above anything else and then suggesting ideas that will not only work within what they are wanting but also help work within Anouks style. Photos not only from the client but also from myself are really important in building a portfolio of what to expect on the day. It is good to be versatile in this line of work and to trust within yourself that you will do the best job you can.


Tell us about the process that happens from the moment you meet with a client to their wedding day….

The first process is to have a consultation either via phone or preferably in person, this is where we throw ideas around, share pictures & start building on our ideas. Once I have all the information I need I do up an initial quote. From there I then require a deposit to secure the date of the wedding, Once the date is secured we then keep working on the quote (if needed) and generally just keep sharing inspiration and ideas in the months leading up to the wedding. A month before the wedding I have a final consultation, this is when we go over everything in finer detail and join everything together from the months in between to make sure we have crossed our T’s and dotted our I’s. Then we create a flower wonderland!












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