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It's no secret that eyebrows are a major beauty make or break. They frame your face and have the power to accent your best features, but without the proper maintenance or precision techniques, the situation can get a little hairy! No bride-to-be wants to get caught in a beauty blunder before the big day, so we chatted with the queen of all things brows, eyebrow expert from Benefit Cosmetics, Hannah Terrett about how to get your brows into their best shape before your wedding, plus lots of tips on how to keep them tidy for your honeymoon. Plus, we picked our top Benefit Cosmetic picks to keep those brows in check...


Can you tell us a little more about how you got started in the beauty business?

Having always had a passion for all things make-up and beauty, I set sight on my path into the beauty world straight out of school. I always loved the feeling of seeing a women's self-confidence increase after her experience with a beauty treatment/product. I secured my first beauty role managing a beauty salon. Flash forward having worked of over 15 years in the industry owning and managing start up beauty salons, training and developing large teams, working with some well-established beauty brands and gaining a wealth of industry experience in the process, I am well and truly a beauty advocate for life!


Now you’re Benefit’s National Brow Artist! What role do you play at Benefit?

A day in the life for me is always very different, which is what I LOVE! A day can consist of anything from training and development needs for our retail teams, creating and executing training programs, collaborating with brand partners, supporting PR team on media opportunities, photo shoots, events and representing the brand as the National Brow Artist for Benefit Cosmetics Australia.


Why should brides trust Benefit with their brows before the big day?

At Benefit we are about creating an individualized brow shape that flatters YOUR face.There is no universally correct brow shape - everyone's face and eye shapes are different and your brow shape should complement this. Having a Benefit Brow Expert shape your brows will have you looking pretty, polished and fabulously put together for your big day.


What can a customer expect when they go to you for their brow appointment?

Step 1: All Benefit brow services start with our signature brow mapping technique - a custom three step measurement technique to ensure your brows frame the face correctly. Mapping out where your brows should start, arch, and end, this technique determines the shape that is best for you. There is no universally correct brow shape - everyone's faces are different and your brow shape should complement this.


Step 2. Brow tint. A custom colour to suit your hair and skin tone is mixed and applied to your brows for 5-10 minutes. Tinting picks up all the baby hairs, builds the thickness and blends out the shape. Brows look best when they are 1-2 shades deeper than your natural hair colour.

Step 3. Waxing. To ensure a pain free procedure the waxing is done in 5 quick steps - in between the brows, underneath to the arch, underneath to the tail, on top to the arch and on top to the tail. This removes any peach fuzz from the surrounding shape.

Step 4. After completing the second brow wax, a cold compress and cooling gel is applied to soothe the skin and settle any redness.


How do you figure out what eyebrow shape works best for each individual’s face?

At Benefit we figure out the right brow shape for you using our signature "Brow Mapping" technique. This is a three step custom technique to help you map out where your brows should start, arch, and end so you can achieve the right shape for your face. It's impossible to have brows that are 100% symmetrical, however having them shaped regularly by an arch expert, can get them pretty close. Adding symmetry and balance versus removing too much growth is key to achieving the perfect bold brow.


Why is seeing a brow expert so important?

Having a brow expert shape your brows is one of the quickest things you could do to enhance your overall look. When shaped correctly brows instantly open your eye, frame the face and create a polished finish to your face. They can take years off your complexion by emphasising the key lift points of the eye area.


Pencils or powders – what’s your opinion on which works best for filling brows in?

Pencils are great for brow beginners as they are versatile, easy to use and perfect for brows on the run. Pencils fill and shape brows giving a natural colour payoff with buildable results. Benefit’s new Goof Proof is a brow beginner’s best friend. Whilst powders take a bit more technique in application as they are best for giving thicker brows a fluffier finish. They keep brows natural and soft by allowing the natural skin to show through the brows. Try Benefit’s Browzings.


How far ahead of the big day should a bride get their brows done?

Depending on your brow needs, make a date for 6-12 months prior to the big day with your desired brow bestie. Map out a brow action plan that allows plenty of time for your brows to grow in to the desired shape and thickness and your arch expert to work their grooming magic. Seek your expert's advice on tips to maintain the look between appointments – do not take matters into your own hands for your big day!


What are you maintenance tips for keeping your brows in shape?

Just like you would maintain your hair colour and style between salon appointments, the same rule should apply to your brows. Brow products are the pixie dust to bringing your brows to life. To keep your brow game strong, invest in 2-3 key products prescribed for your ideal brow needs. I highly recommend Benefit Kabrow for a defined shape and colour and Benefit Gimme Brow for volume and texture.


What are your brow essentials?

My brow MUST HAVE'S are all about shape, colour and contour. I never leave home without Kabrow for enhancing shape, Gimme Brow for added colour and volume and Highbrow for contouring and definition.


What are the most common brow mistakes you see women make? How can these be avoided?

Tweezing in between appointments! This creates an uneven growth cycle which means your brow hairs will grow back at different growth stages, leaving more regrowth, more DIY maintenance for yourself plus a possible uneven shape. Allowing your brows to grow out you will give a more polished result, so be sure to leave this shaping step to the professionals.


Are there any upcoming brow trends we need to know about?

There’s no denying the Cara effect. The thick and full brow is back! Thanks to Miss Delevigne we are seeing a lot of thick, fluffy and naturally feathered looking brows on the international runways and in editorial shoots. Another big trend we are seeing is the ‘Instagram brow’.  An Instagram brow starts soft and fluffy, picks up gradient colour in the middle and is defined at the tail.




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