November 9, 2016



There are so many details that work in tandem to create your picture-perfect wedding – from your dress to the flowers and everything in between. A great smile is a truly essential part of any wedding, so make sure yours is looking and feeling its best by putting yourself in the capable hands of a teeth whitening specialist. We chatted with Dr. Fadi Yassmin, one of the most widely respected dentists in the industry about teeth health, teeth whitening prep before the big day and how to maintain your new pearly whites long past your honeymoon. So when it gets to that big day and you’ll be smiling from ear to ear,  your teeth will be up for the challenge. 


Tell us a bit about yourself and your passion for dentistry…

I graduated from Sydney University in 1993, and my immediate interest in orthodontics and early interceptive orthopeadics in children paved the way for my passion in multidisciplinary treatment. When opening Broadway Dental Centre as a Sydney dentist, I knew that I needed to stay at the forefront of dentistry within the profession, to best serve the patients that attend the practice.

What are some of the services you provide at the DFY Dental Centre in Sydney?

At dFY Dental I provide a full range of dental services from your everyday general dental to full mouth rehabilitation, this may be a combination or orthodontic treatment, digital smile design, Veneers, teeth whitening and implants.


Why should brides-to-be consider visiting their dentist before their big day?

Everyone loves to have that beautiful smile whether it’s whitening, veneers or straightening a trip to the dentist will help you achieve this on your special day.


What teeth whitening methods are there and which would you recommend most for brides?

The main types of teeth whitening are instant whitening which is done in the chair, or a custom take home whitening kit which is fabricated to your specific needs that you can use at home over two weeks for optimal results. My preferred method is the instant whitening mainly due to patient compliance with take home whitening.


When it comes to wedding preparation, how long in advance of the big day should a bride have her teeth whitened?

This really does depend on exactly what you are wanting to achieve. I have brides coming in 18 months prior as they know they would like their teeth straightened, others are coming in a few months prior for some minor straightening followed by porcelain veneers. There are also the brides that come and see us a few weeks prior and we are able to deliver magic for them prior to their wedding day. Any option you take if you are wanting an optimal cosmetic result it is really important to have a full digital smile design analysis so that we can really look at the end goal and the best way of achieving the results.


How long will the whitening results last?

With time they will stain and it will vary a lot on diet. Maintenance with whitening is really the key, top up kits are provided for instant whitening cases and take home whitening can just be maintained every few months for optimal and long lasting results.


How do our teeth become stained and discoloured?

Teeth become stained and discoloured mainly due to lifestyle factors (smoking, tea, coffee, red wine, curries, berries etc). Also with age enamel wear begins to happen so the coloured dentine layer will also start to show through more which will make teeth darker.


How do you decide which method will work the best for your patients and what factors are considered?

General staining, teeth and enamel colouring will make the decision of which method I recommend to my patients. Also oral health is imperative so prior to any whitening the teeth need a thorough examination and need to be free of calculus build up and stain so that optimal results can be reached.


Are there any downsides to teeth whitening – is it safe?

Teeth whitening is perfectly safe when administered correctly. There can be some sensitivity but this will pass within 24 hours. Not administering teeth whitening correctly can cause damage to gums.


What at-home maintenance methods do you have for keeping teeth white?

Take home tooth whitening maintenance kits with custom trays are really the best for any sort of maintenance. The custom trays and dentist only whitening gel will maintain the teeth at their whitest.




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