October 16, 2016


As the National Education Team Leader, Australia for CND Creative Nail Design, Cherie Pollard knows a thing or two about mani/pedis. A regular at Fashion Week and a saviour to magazine beauty editors everywhere, we knew nail expert Cherie was the perfect person to talk to for trends and tips for your wedding and honeymoon beauty.


How did you first break into the beauty industry, and in particular – nail art?

I began an apprenticeship in the hair industry at that time the nail industry was in its infancy, however, the salon I was working in offered nails and I really enjoyed the longevity the service offered compared to hair. I was working in both sides of the business when I purchased the salon and I started spending more and more time in the nail side and found that I enjoyed the creativity of the small canvas even more then a full head of hair.


You are currently the National Education Team Leader for CND. How did this collaboration come about?

I have been a member of Global Team CND™ for 15 years and am the longest serving member on the team. I have the privilege of helping shape the education message as well as offering expert opinion on product development internationally and at home.


Tell us more about your own salon…

My salon is a representation of CND™ shared values and education philosophies, such as custom client services, technical excellence and communication. It is an evolving shape that mirrors my life stages taking into consideration family, travel commitments and education opportunities for CND™.


What sets CND apart?

Its ability to move the goal post when innovations have broken the glass ceiling and still lead with integrity.


What are some of the biggest bridal nail trends?

Colour is a surprisingly prevalent trend, soft, romantic and semi translucent, but still more colour then I have seen in 28 years as a nail professional. 


Are there some absolute “no’s” when it comes to nail beauty for weddings?

Do not let your new husband place their very hard workingman’s hand on top of yours if you are having a photo of your rings. Also, choose something that will last the whole event.


The last thing the bridal party needs is chipped nails! Any tips on keeping your nails in tip top shape all day long?

Remember to subscribe the theory to ‘use your nails as jewels not tools’ and do not try anything new for the day regarding length and shape.


What advice can you give on making your mani/pedi last throughout whole honeymoon?

Have a nail trial; try out different lengths and shapes. Choose a finish that is customised to your wedding day but suits your honeymoon theme.


How many bottles of nail polish do you own?

CND™ has over 106 VINYLUX™ colours and 102 SHELLAC™ colours and CREATIVE PLAY™ features 80 colours and finishes and I have them all.


Absolute go-to polish colour?

That is like asking a parent who is there favourite child, I specialise in custom colours for my clientele. Field Fox  layered with Powder my Nose is quickly gaining momentum in the popularity stakes.









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