October 4, 2016

Wedding jewellery can be a big investment, something not all brides have the luxury of. So being able to re-wear your wedding day jewels isn’t just cost effective, it’s a great way to experience the memories of your wedding day time and time again. Timeless feminine pieces are our choice for all jewels – necklaces, bracelets, earrings - with that enchanting “trinket” feel that have both a personal feel and a classic look that will never date. Perfect for your special day and each and every day after, here are our some of our favourite jewellers and their must-have dainty designs…



EMELLi Jewellery


Fine metals and semi-precious stones are the cornerstone of Australian designer Emily Ellicott’s jewellery. Luxe bohemian flair mixed with tribal motifs make each piece ideal for the free-spirited bride. EMELLi pieces are unique and special in a subtle way, a wink to the modern day warrior in all of us.



Moroccan Medina Collection from $55


CZ Stud Earrings With Ear Jacket - Silver $65



Nomad Arrow Necklace w/ Tassel $128



 Matters Speaking


A collection of words, people and jewellery, Matters Speaking literally lets your jewels do the talking. From suede leather wraps to stackable thin bangles, if you're a sentimentalist at heart, you'll find something that speaks for you and your heart from the MS collections.



Lunar Eclipse - Moon $65



All You See is a Shell Necklace $65


Full Circle Ring – Love $40





If you’re after fine jewellery that is subtle, yet unique, ThePeachBox is sure to have what you’re looking for. With a mix of trend-driven and classic pieces, you’ll be able to re-wear your wedding jewels on your honeymoon and when you return back home. Our go-to collection? The Luxe Metallic…



Crystal Bezel Necklace $42



Slim Bar Five Pearl Ring - Gold $24


Metallic Knot Bangle - Rose Gold $45




EMELLi: emelli.co/

Matters Speaking: www.mattersspeaking.com/

ThePeachBox: www.thepeachbox.com



EMELLi: Photography - Ming NomChong

Matters Speaking: Photography - Cait Miers Hair & Makeup - Makeup By Bonnie Lee

Clothing - The White Peacock Bali 

ThePeachBox: Photography - Laurence Magaly




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